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  • Daniels, Reza C.; Ingle, Kim; Brophy, Tim (2021-10)
    This paper conducts an analysis of employment uncertainty and trends in South Africa during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, using NIDS-CRAM and five waves of Statistics SA's Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS: ...
  • Palacio Ludeña, Maria Gabriela; Díaz Pabón, Fabio Andrés (2021-08)
    Latin America continues in social, economic, and political turmoil in 2021. The vulnerabilities set by pre-existing conditions such as persistent inequality, high informality and exclusionary social protection systems have ...
  • Donaldson, Andrew R; Horn, Aidan J (2021-07)
    Employment levels and the distribution of earnings by industry in 2010 and 2019/20 are examined in this paper, illustrating trends over this decade before the impact of Covid-19 and the accompanying economic downturn. ...

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