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  • Pellicer, Miquel; Wegner, Eva; Benstead, Lindsay; Kincaid, Harold; Lust, Ellen; Vasquez, Juanita (2014-11)
    Political science literature on clientelism has tended to focus primarily on the role of parties and brokers, leaving the demand side of clientelism - the choices of potential clients - relatively unexplored. This paper ...
  • Pellicer, Miquel; Wegner, Eva (Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, 2012)
    This paper studies the causal effect of electoral systems on the performance of clientelistic vs. programmatic parties. We argue that, contrary to majoritarian systems, proportional systems disfavor clientelistic parties ...
  • Pellicer, Miquel; Ranchhod, Vimal; Sarr, Mare; Wegner, Eva (Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, 2011-03)
    There has been considerable effort in ascertaining with confidence the trends in income inequality in South Africa. South Africa has traditionally been among the most unequal countries in the world and continues to be so. ...
  • Pellicer, Miquel; Piraino, Patrizio; Wegner, Eva (2014-11)
    This paper presents a survey experiment in South Africa that focuses on the role of mobilization for demand for redistribution. Previous literature has found that providing information on inequality raises concerns about ...
  • Leibbrandt, Murray; Wegner, Eva; Finn, Arden (Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, 2011-09)
    Trends in inequality, poverty, and redistribution in post-apartheid South Africa have received intense attention especially in terms of measuring inequality and poverty levels and the proximate causes of these levels. We ...
  • Pellicer, Miquel; Wegner, Eva; De Juan, Alexander (2018-02)
    This paper studies a dimension of protest largely overlooked in the literature: protest scope, that is, whether protests seek large, structural, changes for a large share of the population or focus on small-scale improvements ...

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