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During 1992 the World Bank approached SALDRU to coordinate a study in South Africa called the Project on Statistics for Living Standards and Development. This study was carried out during 1993 and consisted of two phases. The first of these was a situation analysis, consisting of a number of regional poverty profiles and cross-cutting studies on a national level. The second phase was a country wide household survey conducted in the latter half of 1993. The Project has been built on the Second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty, which assessed the situation up to the mid-1980's. While preparation of these papers for the situation analysis, using common guidelines involved much discussion and criticism amongst all those involved in the Project, the final paper remains the responsibility of its authors.

Recent Submissions

  • Van Horen, Clive; Afrane-Okese, Yaw; Eberhard, Anton; Trollip, Hilton; Wiliams, Anthony (Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, 1993-11)
    This report contains a description and analysis of the current energy consumption patterns of poor households in South Africa, and proposes a range of policies which can improve significantly the access of the poor to ...
  • Fincham, R.; Harrison, D.; Khosa, M.; Le Roux, I. (Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, 1993-11)
    The period preceding the April 1994 elections offers an opportunity for significant contributions to be made in policy formulation in key areas of social and economic concern. Situational analyses in particular areas such ...
  • Hall, Peter; Saayman, Gina; Molatedi, Dudu; Kok, Pieter (Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, 1993-11)
    This document, compiled by staff of the Development Policy and Planning Unit of the Human Sciences Research Council, presents a profile of living standards and poverty in the Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vaal Triangle (PWV). One ...

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